We pretty much celebrate reading around here. Our book collection is more in control of the house than we are sometimes. So as a result, we absolutely have to find a way to celebrate the books we enjoy so much on our site.

First of all, the site name is taken from a detective agency in a series of James H Schmitz stories. Kyth Interstellar (owned by one Wellan Dasinger) takes on a number of tasks for various people in his stories. Schmitz is a favorite author of the clan in our household, so we've everything he's written that we can lay hands on. I'm simply unable to post anything about Schmitz that has not been better covered at the Schmitz Encyclopedia. So I leave it to you to follow the link to see more information about him, and point out that if it's in the Bibliography there, I have a copy of the story.


The reading interests in our house are pretty straightforward. We have so much science fiction and fantasy, that represents the bulk of the titles in the collection here. However there are a few other subjects covered in our regular reading. There's a large volume of History, Computer Science, Mathematics, Crafts books, Cookbooks, several other sciences, some philosophy, a pile of light humor items, and the occasional other subject matter depending on what caught the imagination at the time.